Integrated Project Management

Preparing new and existing real estate for the EU regulations (ESG, EU taxonomy, etc.) involves adopting sustainable and environmental-friendly measures throughout the design, construction, operation, and maintenance phases of a project.

The multiplicity of factors (economical, environmental, social, government,...) that affect the realisation of a real estate project makes a project complex.

The process of arriving at well-considered decisions is essential.

Our sustainable holistic project approach addresses the challenges you face and the trends we observe in the real estate sector.

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By working co-creatively with you and your various stakeholders, we turn these challenges and trends into opportunities.

We continuously search for the optimum between scenarios to generate maximum added value. In concrete terms, this means that our project managers not only watch over planning, quality and budget, but also actively think along in solutions, continuously challenging the process partners to raise the bar.

We draw up concrete KPIs that maximise the economic, environmental and social performance of your project and we closely monitor them during the various phases of the design and implementation process without forgetting the user phase.

In doing so, we consider not only today's needs, but also those of tomorrow to avoid any lock-in.

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Strategic Visioning

To (re)develop a site, a brownfield or a building future-proof, we recommend a holistic approach. We take care of your ambitions, your objectives and your stakeholders and place them in a larger perspective.

We think out of the box, combine our creativity with innovation to achieve that future-proof solution.

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Sustainable Strategy

Building sustainably aims to reduce the impact on people and the environment.

Sustainable construction includes many aspects throughout the building's life cycle. These aspects need to be properly balanced and integrated into a project to obtain the best result.

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Due Diligence

For potential property buyers, a Technical Due Diligence and Environmental Due Diligence provides an independent technical screening.

Based on a general inspection of the building and an administrative check (environmental and building permit, guarantees of technical installations...), we inform you of the potential risks and costs that may arise in the first five to ten years.

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Process Management

Our experts advise and guide public and private stakeholders as well as combinations and partnerships (PPP, DB(FM), ...) in realising sustainable area development and innovative real estate projects.

Good real estate development starts with the strategic vision creation, the feasibility study and determining the output specifications.

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Stakeholder Management

We manage not only your project but also the issues that influence your project. Investors, neighbours,... everyone has expectations regarding the project te be developed. With an open dialogue, you create a good foundation.

Bringing stakeholders into the story leads to a positive feeling about the project.

Quantity Survey & Carbon Management

Our Forward Thinking experts in cost and carbon management are able to quantify, but most importantly propose coherent solutions with a comprehensive vision to enable factual and informed decision-making for our client.

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BIM management

Sharing information and insights is particularly important within our forward-thinking approach.

In a BIM process, our project managers assume the role of BIM manager and facilitate the process from that role. They are supported by our BIM consultant for monitoring compliance with the contractual assumptions, which are laid down in the BIM protocol and BIM execution plan.


Health and Safety

On behalf of and for the client, we coordinate the health and safety of your construction project. We draw up the health and safety plan and check tenders for safety aspects.

By drawing up the necessary coordination measures, the general prevention principles can also be applied during the execution phase of the construction project.

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Certification of a building

Our Forward Thinkers apply a 360° approach, using tools that enable them to challenge you as a client, with a focus on the future. We apply the reference framework - BREEAM, DGNB, WELL and HQE - according to your project, your needs and your expectations.

How to build future-proof real estate? Give us a call, we're happy to share our thoughts

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Dimitri Torfs.

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