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Do you want to manage our clients' projects by integrating good sustainability practices and always striving for an optimal balance between economic, social and ecological aspects? Or by giving our clients the best possible sustainability advice? If so, keep on reading!

    Project Manager

    Project Manager

    • Master in Architecture or Civil Engineering
    • Leading project meetings
    • Focus on planning, budget, quality & productivity
    • Study and execution planning
    Project Manager AMO

    Project Manager Paris

    • Master in Architecture or Civil Engineering
    • Experience in AMO/CSR/environmental design of buildings
    • Initiate and manage certification projects
    • Contribute to development projects
    Sustainability Assessor & Advisor during construction

    Sustainability Assessor during construction

    • Higher education degree (you learn everything on-the-job)
    • Assess how sustainable a new building is
    • Writing an assessment report of a new building
    • Manage CO2 emissions & develop improvement plan
    Sustainability Assessor

    Sustainability Assessor in existing real estate

    • Higher education degree (you learn everything on-the-job)
    • Assess how sustainable an existing building is
    • Gather information to carry out an assessment
    • Using sustainability tools to make calculations

Come for a chat and get to know each other!

    Spontaneous application

    Spontaneous application

    Come for a chat and get to know each other!

Peter Garré

Our colleagues are solid values within our company.
They are our cornerstones with whom we shape tomorrow’s world today.
As one family we think forward to build places with a positive impact , where people live, work and play.

Peter Garré
Managing Director

Working at Bopro...

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Our Forward Thinkers in the spotlight.


I can totally immerse myself in my current projects because of the content, the way many of them are so different and challenging, allows me to keep learning, growing and developing myself.

Project Manager

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