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We guide you through the entire Real Estate life cycle

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Our mission

Improvement & maintenance
of organisms

Bopro – RICS Regulated Firm – manages your most complex real estate and construction projects and ensures your objectives with regard to sustainability and quality, timing and budget. As an independent partner in the project team we defend your interests at all times.

Our sound investment analyses and feasibility studies for one-off projects (new construction, renovation, rehabilitation, upgrading) as well as for developments (both inner-city and business parks) will help you make the right economic, social as wel as ecological decision at any time within your real estate portfolio.


Going the extra mile


More than 400 years of experience in analyzing, developing, managing and building future-oriented property.

Product Leadership

Services driven by quality and innovation to provide the ultimate solution for every Real Estate challenge.

Forward Thinkers

What can we do today, not mortgaging current and coming generations… This a-typical driving force within the real estate sector is what makes us go further in taking care of people and society.

No Nonsense

Economic, ecological and social interests go hand in hand. We offer you the tools to make the right, thoughtful and well-worked real estate decisions at any time within the real estate lifecycle.

Our projects

together with our clients
we create the future

To develop

In a strategic & future proof way

We’re dedicated to create (added) value, in the broadest sense, for the upcoming generations. Thanks to our holistic approach we put your ambitions, goals and challenges into a bigger, future-oriented perspective. Within every real estate project, we aim for the optimal balance between economic, social and environmental aspects. In this way, we turn real estate processes into responsible and sustainable developments where future generations will live, work and play.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Using our materiality matrix, based on dialogues with our stakeholders, we defined our own 6 Sustainable Development Goal objectives. These Goal objectives require a commitment, both within our organization and for the projects that we carry out. By managing projects this way, we can – together with you – make the difference in the long term.

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