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The impact new projects and buildings have on their environment is immense.

Implementing sustainable and innovative principles on site level offers you a strategic long-term benefit, it enlarges your ecological impact and gives you a wider range of usage options.

Dealing thoughtfully with all the economic ingredients on site level increases the commercial value of your site development. 

Taking care of the wellbeing of the residents and creating a place where people like to be, will ensure optimal use of space.

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Integrating E2SG principles (economical, ecological, social) into a real estate development lead to a wide range of benefits, from financial advantages to positive social and environmental impacts.

It's crucial for developers to create a comprehensive E2SG strategy that aligns with their specific project goals and values, and to continually monitor and report on E2SG performance to maximize these benefits. 

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Strategic Visioning

To (re-)develop a project in a future proof way, we advise a holistic approach. We take care of your ambitions, your targets, as well as your stakeholders and we put these into a bigger perspectives. We think out of the box, combine our creativity with innovation to come to that future proof solution.

From the start, we take into account all societal objectives as expressed in the UN SDG’s, The EU Green Deal, Climate Change, local and regional ambitions, targets and climate change which influences your project.

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Sustainable Strategy

Sustainable communities aim to reduce the impact on people and their environment. Elaborating a sustainability strategy on site level is far more efficient.

To start this proces, Bopro encourages a dialogue between all stakeholders to end up with a supported development in which all aspects are well-considered.

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Process Management

To assure success we organise the competition and appointment procedures of the design and construction companies. We structure, organise and supervise the sub processes: quality, sustainability, budget, timing, carbon, ….during design, realisation and exploitation.

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Transition Management

In practice, transition management is mainly concerned with targeting the acceleration of emerging niches, increasing the pressure for change on dominant regimes and anticipating phasing-out processes.

In other words, it is about developing stimuli that give direction and accelerate social change.

A targeted transition approach can, on the one hand, create room for innovative thinking and working methods in a sector. On the other hand, the existing dynamic of change can be accelerated and scaled up to achieve structural impact.

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