Transition Management

To get through the transition twenties

The transition approach comprises the following types of activities:

• Explaining: jointly exploring the core of the task and possible future directions for the sector.
• Activating: provoking, developing and strengthening innovative practices.
• Agenda-setting: mainstreaming innovative ways of thinking and working by the sector.
• Reflecting: reflecting on interventions and the changing environment in order to adjust intermediately (through all activities mentioned above).

Bopro determines a well-designed transition approach which can quickly generate a great deal of impact.

Transition Management

Organisational turnaround

Social change requires sustainable change within your organisation. It pays to move pro-actively in the transition, to make choices. Bopro guides you to develop a transition strategy, that will enable you to find a new direction, positive energy within your organisation and that creates opportunities for new business.

Whatever position is chosen, the same applies to each: not the biggest companies survive, nor the smartest companies, but the most agile companies are best able to thrive in a period of transition. Multi-disciplinary work, simplicity of organisation, learning from experiments and the customer, establishing trust and tapping into new earning models, long-term thinking, willingness to change, all help determine how agile a company is.

Manoeuvrability is a necessary condition to survive in times of transition.

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