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Steven Beckers in '22 Belgian stories to inspire the future'

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Colleague Steven Beckers tells you more about the BIGH project and combining fish farming and industrial horticulture in the book ‘Oser la transition’.

This book is under the direction of Pierre Laconte and the editorial team coordinated by Pierre Coërs.

"It is now possible to set up an industrial farm in the city, despite all the constraints, and still benefit from a short supply chain. BIGH has done it.

This 4,000 m² zero-waste pilot farm, installed on the roof of a Brussels covered market, produces fruit, vegetables and fish in aquaponics, not to mention 180,000 pots of aromatic plants a year, thanks to innovative technologies and its self-sufficiency in energy and water.

The positioning of this pilot initiative required a preliminary analysis phase, which proved to be essential: what will be the added value for each stakeholder, administrations, partners and investors?"

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You can buy the full book, including Steven Beckers' story, at the link below:

Oser la transition - 22 histoires belges pour inspirer l'avenir

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