Sustainable Strategy

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The best-known measures in relation to sustainable construction are reduced consumption of energy and water and the use of materials with a low environmental footprint. 

But sustainable construction also involves health and comfort for the building users, accessibility and availability of alternative transport modes, reduction of pollution factors, resistance to climate change effects, a well planned management of the construction process and facility management, low construction site effects, waste management,…

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Sustainability advice

Positive impact is what drives us. This is reflected in our own developments, but we are happy to make the knowledge we gain in our projects available to other building owners with the same ambitions. We guide clients to build as future-proof and sustainable as possible.

To do this optimally, we like to start in the definition phase of a project. At an early stage, the ambitions, goals and expectations of all parties involved are mapped out and translated into concrete (sustainable) KPIs. In doing so, we take into account the EU Green Deal framework. The process does not stop there. To translate these objectives into a building, an integrated design in which all necessary expertise is represented is essential. During this process, we challenge our partners to get the most out of the project.

We therefore help you find the best partners to realise your ambitions and guide you through all phases of the project (such as strategic briefing, technical design, tendering, construction and delivery phase).

Various certification methodologies can provide an objective assessment of the development. We are therefore happy to include these in our process. We do not see these methodologies as tedious checklists but believe that the approach really leads to better buildings. We also realise that in the context of green credit lines, it is essential to report on EU regulations. This is therefore embodied in our methodology.

BREEAM certification

In order to develop in a sustainable and cost efficient way, we advice you to rely on the analysis made during a BREEAM New construction and BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit out assessment.

Based on the BREEAM criteria, our Forward Thinkers guide you in making the right decisions at the right time to

  • achieve your sustainable goals,
  • reduce your CO2 emissions and
  • reduce future costs.

BREEAM In-Use is an environmental assessment method we recommend to help building managers and owners optimise operating costs and improve the environmental performance of existing buildings. In the long term, we help you maintain the quality and value of your patrimony, keeping it operating in the best possible conditions.

Bopro operates as an assessor but also as an accredited professional (consultant) to safeguard your sustainability ambitions.

Each project its standard

Our forward thinkers maintain a 360° approach, they use instruments that enable them to challenge you, as a customer, in view of the future. 

We consequently offer you substantiated solutions, which facilitate the decision making and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and cost-efficient real estate project.

We choose the frame of reference - BREEAM, DGNB, Well, HQE and GRI - depending on your project, your needs and your expectations.

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Whitepaper: To BREEAM or not to BREEAM

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