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The EU wants to be climate neutral by 2050, with the objective, a greenhouse gas-free economy. Companies must adapt their economic activities to comply with the EU taxonomy and a low-carbon economy.

If we want to optimally secure this objective, it is essential to be able to sit around the table with the client as early in the process as possible. Only then can we adequately guide them in the development of their real estate issues. And, the client is enabled - on the basis of objective data - to make the best strategic choices (use, functions, sustainability, social impact, reversibility, etc.).

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To support customers in this process, the following steps are taken

1. Briefing/feasibility

A well-founded and supported vision must be at the basis of every property development. This vision is translated into KPIs; this is the framework against which various scenarios are measured and forms the basis for decision-making. It is therefore important to develop a holistic vision in which all aspects of the development are considered, including carbon, for instance based on the SDGs.

To fit into the legal EU Green Deal framework; the carbon scope and target are determined. Our feasibility studies focus on measuring, advising, improving and obtaining the most favourable cost/carbon combination.

2. Concept design

Our guiding principle is: what you don't build, you build better. Low-carbon design is not just about choosing materials with a low carbon impact. It starts with optimising the building form (compactness) on the basis of the requested programme, maximum response to orientation, balance between open and closed façade sections, correct application of materials, correct detailing, etc.

During the concept phase, based on the design proposals, we will advise on the above-mentioned points if necessary, but also visualise, analyse and optimise embodied & operational Carbon. On the basis of ratios, the cost and carbon impact of the proposals is assessed so that adjustments can be made in the interim on the basis of value engineering. We report on the cost estimates and carbon impact in comparison with the proposed budget. Bopro has an alarm but also an advisory function if deviations from the objectives are identified.

3. Final design

Even in the further refinement of the design, we always advise proactively in the implementation of possible optimisations during the process. With the financial and carbon objectives in mind, our Forward Thinking experts draw up a very detailed cost and carbon estimate that visualises the assessment against the predefined objectives.

4. Tendering

In this phase, the offers are examined. The tenders are evaluated and their compliance is assessed both financially and in terms of carbon. Our expert will screen the CO2 offset options proposed by the contractors and advise on the desirability and feasibility of the proposals. Prices are compared with market averages. Bopro assists the client during negotiations and drafting of the contract.

5. Execution

During the execution phase, permanent monitoring of the carbon budget is crucial. Bopro checks that the products delivered are indeed the low-carbon products chosen during the design phase. Cost management ensures a healthy financial system.

6. Handover

Now it is time to draw up the overall balance sheet. Final carbon footprint calculations are made. This is the time to prepare the strategy, carbon budget and monitoring strategy to track CO2 during the use phase of the building.

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Life cycle cost analysis.

A LifeCycle Cost Analysis is a tool to compare cost-effectiveness of different construction options, taking into account the entire associated lifetime costs: initial installation cost, service life, maintenance and operation costs and disposal costs. The analysis helps decision-making and consideration of more sustainable solutions.

Total cost of ownership.

Total Cost of Ownership is a financial analysis tool to determine the direct and indirect costs of a building. Total Cost of Ownership goes beyond the purchase price or implementation costs, it includes the costs of all phases of ownership: acquisition, operating costs such as maintenance and depreciation, costs arising from acquisition such as training or preparation of procedures, and opportunity costs.

Quantity survey.

Our quantity surveyors examine the contractual side of the real estate project and carry out detailed checks on the entire project cost throughout the entire project trajectory. In addition to budget management, the audit involves an in-depth, detailed screening of the budget or a completely independent compilation of measurement statements and estimates at the various key moments of the project or as a continuous second opinion. You can rely on our service in order to have a sustained second opinion.

In a design to budget, Bopro helps you and the designers to develop a project within the boundaries of the budget, and to make sure the best value for money solutions are integrated in the concept.

Cost Management.

Our quantity surveyors examine the contractual side of the real estate project and carry out detailed checks of the total project costs throughout the project process. In addition to budget management, this involves a thorough, detailed review of the budget or a completely independent compilation of measurement statements and estimates at the various key moments of the project or as an ongoing second opinion. For a sustained second opinion, you can call on our services.

Bopro's Forward Thinkers report on costs during the study and execution phase, i.e. they follow up on declarations and invoices. The admissibility and approval of the statements is done in collaboration with the designers and the client.

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