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Our forward thinkers maintain a 360° approach, they use instruments that enable them to challenge you, as a customer in view of the future. We consequently offer you substantiated solutions, facilitate the decisionmaking and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and cost-efficient real estate project.

We choose the frame of reference -BREEAM, DGNB, Well, HQE and GRI- depending on your project, your needs and your expectations.

Sustainability Assessor


When developing a new project, you are interested in both costs and impact on the environment. In order to develop in a sustainable and cost efficient way, we advice you to rely on the analysis made during a BREEAM New construction and BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit out assessment.

Based on the BREEAM criteria our Forward thinkers guide you to make the right decisions at a right time to achieve your sustainable goals, to reduce your carbon emissions and to lower the future costs.

Bopro operates as assessor but also as accredited professional (advisor) to ensure your sustainability ambitions.


This standard is revolutionising the way people think about buildings. It explores how design, operations and behaviours within the places where we live, work, learn and play, can be optimised to advance human health and well-being.

As a certified WELL AP, we assist the developer to integrate the WELL principles into the program of requirements.

Throughout the process, we help project teams in making informed decisions. The challenge is to incorporate the WELL requirements, in balance with aspects like energy performance and without exceeding the project budget. Through the different project stages, we inform the project team on the necessary steps and on the required documentary evidence. We insist on the integration of smart building technologies in order to maximalise the user’s wellbeing.


The DGNB Certification System revolves not only around ecological aspects but also includes a holistic examination of the entire life cycle of a building or urban district. Sustainable buildings retain their value longer while having lower operating and maintenance costs. Investigations have shown that the risks of vacancies are minimized for sustainable buildings and rental income can be increased. In turn, this leads to better market prices and higher resale values for the property.

Sustainable building is therefore a value driver and not a cost driver. Advantages and benefits are multiple for users as well as investors.


HQE™ is the French certification awarded to building construction and management as well as urban planning projects. HQE™ promotes best practices, sustainable quality in building projects and offers expert guidance throughout the lifetime of the project. It shows balance between respect of the environment (energy, carbon, water, waste, biodiversity…), quality of life and economic performance through a comprehensive approach. It is the best way to attest the performance of a building and answer the stakes of a sustainable city. HQE™ is a sign of good management of costs and construction delays, risk and expenses control during the use-phase and differentiation for lease and sale.

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