Strategic Visioning

To secure the future and the value of your asset

From the start, we take into account all social objectives as articulated in the UN SDGs, The EU Green Deal, Climate Change, local and regional ambitions and translate them into clear KPIs. This is how we succeed in developing an integrated master plan that not only achieves your social, economic and environmental goals, but also contributes to the healthy, prosperous and liveable environment we want to leave for the next generation.

We combine social, environmental and economic needs. We analyse to what extent the built environment can respond to these. In this way, we create a strategy in which social and economic objectives, as well as our client's objectives, can be united.

This strategy will maximise the long-term value of your property.

Project definition

In a highly interactive process, in which we will challenge you to walk off the beaten track, we will jointly define the vision. The vision is further elaborated into an integrated project definition that brings together all your wishes and ambitions and serves as a guideline for the further development process and the guiding of all actors.

Defining ambitions and requirements is critical to the success or failure of a project. We’ll make sure the requirements are documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified project needs or opportunities, defined to a level of detail that is sufficient for the development and tested against current legislation, standards and certification schemes.

Output specifications

Depending on the desired contract form, we translate the ambitions and requirements either via a (traditional) design process into specifications or into output specifications that form the basis for integrated contract forms.

Output specifications are technical specifications that predominantly adopt performance-based requirements to define the project scope.

It is the technical foundation of both the procurement and delivery phases and is used to determine technical compliance.

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