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Spie West

The building, where Spie was until recently located, no longer satisfied the needs and that’s why Spie wanted to search an investor that would develop a building for them, based on a program of requirements that would be defined by Spie itself. Spie entrusted Bopro with the task to support them in this process.

Bopro was responsible for drawing up the spatial and functional program of requirements for the design & built. We’ve identified Spie’s needs, the wish to be accommodated in a sustainable building and made sure that everything was duly documented.
We organized and oversaw the selection procedure of the investor and we backed Spie during contract supervision. The investor who realized the building for Spie is Vandenbussche Bouwgroep, a local family company that shared the wish to build a sustainable development. Vandenbussche in this project is both contractor and promotor.

In the construction phase, Bopro represented Spie, made sure the asked program was actually realized and kept track of the execution of the works (project monitoring). Also at the end of the project, Bopro represented Spie during the handover tours. We compared the carried out works to the initial needs and the contractual agreements.

Spie The Green render
Spie The Green Ludwig Desmet Buro Modern Spie 2410

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Spie West is part of “Industry”, the industrial branch of SPIE Belgium. This company is specialized in running industrial projects, from design to realization to maintenance. This includes: project management, engineering, construction, testing and commissioning, technical analysis and so on… Their specialties are: electricity and instrumentation, classic and plastic piping, low, medium and high tension, mechanical assembly and disassembly, maintenance works and automatization. In order to work efficiently, Spie prefabricates specific parts in their own workshop.

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