Daelhof crematorium

Crematorium in medium urban area

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Daelhof crematorium

In January 2015, the construction process of the new crematorium of Zemst, Daelhof was finished. This funeral parlor situated on an area of 5,5 hectares, enjoys a green buffer and is completely integrated into the natural environment. Bopro was in charge of Project Management, Construction Management and was also preferred for Health & Safety Coordination.

Havicrem, an intermunicipal partnership founded in 2003, responsible for the management of funeral parlors in the province of Flemish Brabant, chose for this project the Flemish architect Christian Kieckens and buro DAE Architects (Johan Van Rompaey).

The idea was to provide a place, a service, the necessary infrastructure for everybody who wishes to say goodbye in serenity and in a personal way.This philosophy determines the design of the infrastructure. Special attention is paid to space, silence and comfort.

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The building consists of a large reception hall, three ceremony halls and coffee saloons. The first ceremony hall seats a total of 200, the second of 80 and the third, more intimate hall has 30 seats. The same principles space, silence and comfort are visible in the coffee saloons. Here, a serene moment in company of the loved, a coffee and a chat go hand in hand.


The space can be adapted to the number of invited guests. No room is spoiled and nobody feels lost in too big reception halls. The walls are simply removable, adjustable and create the right atmosphere.


Havicrem also chose for a sustainable approach. For example the combination of day light and digitally controlled lights is smart. Bopro advised heat recovery of the ovens and autonomous heating for the entire building. The result is a high quality funeral parlor with a functional architecture and sustainable solutions.

Art and nature

Here visitors can also find art and nature. During the conception phase, special attention was paid to art elements, like the columbarium wall. The building is also well integrated into the natural environment. A connection is made with the existing extensive forest who can also fill an important role for those mourning the loss of a loved one.

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