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For the shopping centre Chodov, Bopro completed both the BREEAM In-Use assessment of the existing building and the BREEAM New construction assessment of the extension of the shopping centre.

The Shopping Centre Chodov was built in 2005 in Prague. In 2017 it was largely extended. Counting now 300 shops and more than 101,600 sqm, it’s one of the biggest shopping centers in Czech Republic. Both international brands and exclusive trades are hosted in this unique environment. Events related to world culture, fashion and sports also take place in this centre. What interests us the most, is the effort made in relation to sustainability. We followed the approach of the client and analyzed the building and its management performance from the sustainable point of view. We did this using the BREEAM In-Use scheme as a tool.

A double BREEAM OUTSTANDING certificate for Centrum Chodov was successfully achieved by the end of the year 2018.

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In 2015 Chodov shopping centre obtained a BREEAM In-Use certificate with the highest double-OUTSTANDING rating (for Part 1: “Asset” and part 2: “Building Management”) as the first commercial centre in the world. In the same year the building was nominated for a BREEAM In-Use award. This success declares, that the asset is built with considerate use of technologies, energy and water saving fittings and materials, enhancing ecological features but also healthy and wellbeing internal environment.


A really important aspect in the building is the way in which energy and water are managed: Chodov reduces energy and water consumption, waste and pollution but also integrates health and safety. Bopro is proudly providing consultancy services with the intention to keep such a high score. Due to the extension part, which has achieved the level Excellent in the New Construction scheme, this project was challenging for BREEAM In-Use re-certification in the same year.

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Chodov Unibail Rodamco Westfield Unibail Rodamco Westfield

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