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The Handelsbeurs of Antwerp is a beautiful neogotic monument which was used from the sixteenth century till 1997 as a stock market.

Now the Handelsbeurs isn’t a stock exchange any more. But the protected heritage continues to serve a public function. Yes, the building received a new destination (see below).

Bopro was entrusted with technical advice in two phases. In the preparatory phase Bopro performed a Technical Due Diligence (a screening of the project, administrative check, evaluation of planning, contracts and risks). In the execution phase, Bopro monitors the project using the GOTIK method: Price, Organization, Time, Information, Quality-monitoring.


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The Handelsbeurs was constructed in the fifteenth century when the image of Bruges as an international player declined and Antwerp had the chance to grow stronger. This building impressed and still impresses with his covered galleries on four sides and italian arcades around a rectangular square.


The ground floor is once again a meeting area where guests can enjoy events in a unique setting. The “Schippersbeurs” with authentic mosaic floors and magnificent domes (just next to the Handelsbeurs) hosts a restaurant. On the upperfloor, a beautiful hotel housing 139 rooms opened his doors in 2020. Here you will enjoy a wonderful view on the busy city centre. On the minus one, a parking lot welcomes some 290 cars and about 130 bicycles.

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