Maison Administrative de la Province de Namur

Office in large city center

Maison Administrative de la Province de Namur
Province De Namur

The building houses the administrative services of the Province of Namur. It is located along a meander of the Sambre river on the outskirts of Namur city centre.

Bopro was responsible for the BREEAM Assessment. The tender specifications of the "Design and Build" competition included very ambitious demands not only in terms of energy, but also regarding environmental impact and circularity. BREEAM certification was a requirement of the client, but the "Outstanding" level was freely set by the design-build team.

Entirely built of wood on two levels, set on galvanised steel stilts, the building forms a large regular rectangular parallelepiped and is organised around eight rectangular patios. These ensure natural ventilation of the spaces in combination with the 74 insulated stainless-steel chimneys on the roof.

The depth of the floors and the large development of the facade provide abundant natural lighting (DLF = 5% on average). Heating and cooling are produced by a deep geothermal installation. An umbrella of photovoltaic panels is planned on the roof and will be the subject of a later contract.

MAPN Exterior 2
MAPN Interior 4

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