Thé regional building renovation strategy of Brussels


RENOLUTION is thé regional building renovation strategy that was launched by the Brussels-Capital Region to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while improving living comfort and reducing energy costs for the people of Brussels.

The aim is to achieve an average energy performance level of 100kWh/m²/year for all housing in Brussels by 2050, i.e. an average consumption divided by 3 compared to the current situation!

This is what a real energy revolution as all about!

In concrete terms, the RENOLUTION Alliance is there to prepare the ground for the arrival of the 2025 renovation obligations for the Brussels Capital Region.

The Renolution Alliance is supported by four ministers, Clerfayt, Vervoort, Smet and Maron.

Our colleagues are involved in the

- Facilitation of the general coordination and the strategic committee:
Directors-General of the administrations and Cabinets.

- Facilitation of the thematic workshops:
Regulation, Primes, Financing, Support of Supply and Demand, Circular Economy, Logistics, RENOLAB call for projects, Communication, Training and Employment, Urban Planning and Heritage, Urban Renewal, Technical Committee)

- General coordination of the consortium of facilitators.

- Annual Alliance Event.

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