Marketing and repurposing park site Borgerstein


Borgerstein is a seminar complex from the 1930s in a park environment of 11 hectares. A thorough and interactive design study in close consultation with the municipality and the neighbourhood led to an overall master plan “From Borgerstein to Borgerwijk” in which new space for the care exploitation, a complementary use for the existing building and its site and a synergy with the neighbourhood were united.

Bopro assisted the non-profit organisation Borgerstein in the discussions with the municipality of Sint-Katelijne-Waver, the rewriting and review of the re-use regulations and the follow-up of the planning and procedures for the amendment of the existing RUP.

Architectural-technical supervision of the PPP competitive dialogue for the appointment of a private consortium followed in early January 2017.

In July 2018, Bopro received a new assignment for the architectural-technical supervision of the non-profit organisation Borgerstein in the further implementation of the PPP assignment.

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