We aim to maximise value in the broadest sense of the word, always striving for optimal balance between economic, social and ecological aspects.

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CSR strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility

The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is growing in our society. This is good news, because it allows your company to distinguish itself in the way it treats its employees, its fellow man and nature. It is about taking responsibility towards society.

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Sustainable Strategy Portfolio

To future proof your portfolio

Sustainable building practices aim to reduce the impact on people and the environment.

Sustainable construction includes many aspects throughout the entire building’s lifecycle. Those aspects need to be well-balanced and integrated into a project to obtain the best result.

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Carbon roadmap

Roadmap towards 2050

The act of construction freezes for decades the global environmental footprint, the durability of the product (resilience), the future costs (Capex and Opex) and its value.

It is essential to be able to help and guide project leaders as early as possible to enable them to make the best global choices for the product (uses, functions, durability, societal impact, reversibility, etc.) by going beyond the sole objective of environmental certification.

The Bopro experts, who are aware of the global and multi-criteria approaches, will ensure that your projects are challenged, discussed and implemented by integrating the best global choices in relation to the environmental, societal, comfort and health issues of the stakeholders in the areas where your projects will be developed and operated.

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Positive Impact Circular Economy Portfolio

Eco systemic approach

Our specific approach to the circular economy offers a holistic and systemic approach that aims to encompass all aspects of sustainable development as defined by the 17 SDGs of the UN.

Our approach is also in line with the Green Deal and Climate Law of the European Commission and the European New Bauhaus philosophy.

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Brussels skyline


Brussels Capital Region

thé regional building renovation strategy of Brussels

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Orange à Nancy

Orange headquarters


CSR strategy for the construction of the new Orange headquarters

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RNS 05 Shops02 FINAL



Elaboration of the Group's strategic CSR and carbon sobriety vision

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1 AERIENNE HD 17 sans cadre

CSR Apsys


Strategic CSR vision

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Pacheco Befimmo Befimmo



Office building in large city area

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