Strategic Visioning

To secure the future

We combine social, ecological and economic needs. We analyse to which extent the build environment, can give an answer.

In this way, we create a strategy in which social and economic objectives, as well as our customer’s objectives can be united.

This strategy will maximize your property’s long term value.


Project definition

The strategy vision can be further elaborated into an integrated project definition that brings together all your wishes and ambitions and can serve as a guideline for the further development process and the involvement of other actors.

We’re dedicated to identify your needs.

Defining requirements is critical to the success or failure of a project. We’ll make sure the requirements are documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified project needs or opportunities, defined to a level of detail that is sufficient for the development and tested against current legislation, standards and certification schemes.

Output specifications

Output specifications are technical specifications that predominantly adopt performance-based requirements to define the project scope.

It is the technical foundation of both the procurement and delivery phases and is used to determine technical compliance.

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Park Lane Nextensa Nextensa

Park Lane


Residential neighbourhood in large city area

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Borgerstein Borgersteinvzw Borgerstein


Borgerstein vzw

Marketing and repurposing park site Borgerstein

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IMG 9962

THC Gantoise

KAA Gent

Sports complex in large city area

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Exemplary sustainable neighbourhood

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Zicht 2



Residential care centre, day care centre, nursery and afterschool childcare

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NEW YORK RESIDENCE P2017587 CIP Antwerpen Zicht E Visual High Res 20170502 V5

The New York and London Residence


Residential project in city centre

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At loop 14

Networks Gent


Office building in large city area

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2 Sporthal Boutersem SMP

9 sports halls

Sport in Vlaanderen

Leisure in medium urban area

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Co creatie 5

Offices in the city centre

Flanders Ghent Development Group

Stakeholder process in the city of Ghent

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Creative district

Ville de Charleroi

Urban revitalisation of the city of Charleroi

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