Process Management

To make it clear and efficient

Our experts advise and assist public and private stakeholders as well as combinations and collaborations (PPP, DB(FM), ...) in realizing sustainable area development and innovative real estate projects. After all, these are often realized within complex cooperation structures with many players involved and diverse interests.

A good Real Estate development starts with the strategic visioning, the feasibility study and the definition of the output specifications.


To assure success we organise the competition and appointment procedures of the design and construction companies. We structure, organise and supervise the sub processes: quality, sustainability, budget, timing, carbon, ….during design, realisation and exploitation.

We guide the client throughout the whole process.

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BID Management

In a BID management assignment, we assist tenderers in a tender procedure, whether or not it is public, in drawing up their proposal. In doing so, we verify all technical, administrative and financial requirements and identify risks from our experience on the client's side in addition to the monitoring of planning, deliverables, etc. by the various partners.

Feasibility Study

The main criteria to judge a project’s feasibility are the costs required and the value to be attained. With these studies we aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of a development, the opportunities and threats present in the environment, the resources required to carry through, as well as the prospects for success.

Our feasibility studies aim first of all to identify the spatial, economic and societal potential as broadly as possible and then to obtain the most favorable combination. The spatial and financial feasibility of different possible development scenarios will be mapped in an objective, rational and comparable manner after design research.

Based on the analyzed data, our Forward thinking experts will provide you with one or more substantiated preferred scenarios, accompanied by a financial plan and a plan of approach for implementation so that you can focus on your real estate strategy and make a decision about your project within an overall master plan vision in a well-considered way.

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Park Lane Nextensa Nextensa

Park Lane


Residential neighbourhood in large city area

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Borgerstein Borgersteinvzw Borgerstein


Borgerstein vzw

Marketing and repurposing park site Borgerstein

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IMG 9962

THC Gantoise

KAA Gent

Sports complex in large city area

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Zicht 2



Residential care centre, day care centre, nursery and afterschool childcare

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Exemplary sustainable neighbourhood

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NEW YORK RESIDENCE P2017587 CIP Antwerpen Zicht E Visual High Res 20170502 V5

The New York and London Residence


Residential project in city centre

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At loop 14

Networks Gent


Office building in large city area

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2 Sporthal Boutersem SMP

9 sports halls

Sport in Vlaanderen

Leisure in medium urban area

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Co creatie 5

Offices in the city centre

Flanders Ghent Development Group

Stakeholder process in the city of Ghent

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Creative district

Ville de Charleroi

Urban revitalisation of the city of Charleroi

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