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“Shaping a tasty future” is the new slogan for Vandemoortele, one of the leading European players in food: margarine, culinary oils and frozen bakery products from bread and croissants to donuts and focaccia. After the acquisition in Italy and the new factory in Poland, the new facility in Belgium, a Food Experience Center (FEC), has now been developed to accommodate the innovation, passion and customer focus.

For the design of the FEC, Bopro, as project manager together with Vandemoortele, drew up a program of requirements so that Vandemoortele’s needs and wishes can be answered in the FEC. Together we appointed a design team that could provide an answer to Vandemoortele’s sustainability requirements. The sustainability factor of the project has been certified by BREEAM during the design phase with an Excellent certificate, whereby Bopro acted as BREEAM assessor and closely followed up the project and monitored the requirements for an Excellent certificate. Bopro and BRE are currently occupied with the post-construction stage.

The entire construction team was appointed by Bopro together with Vandemoortele and the construction was followed up weekly by Bopro as project manager. Bopro has worked at the same level on the construction of the landscape around the Food Experience Center and the demolition of the existing building.

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The FEC, a design by RAU architects, technical office Ingenium, acoustic office De Fonseca and interior office Ahrend, offers workplaces to 400 employees according to the principles of the New Way of Working. A central atrium forms the heart of the building with a strong visual link to the demonstration bakery and kitchen.


The entire building is constructed on a 1.8m grid and is inspired to be adaptable, flexible and demountable, so that future adaptations to the building according to Vandemoortele’s changing needs are always possible.

Sustainable technical installation

The FEC has a compact volume and a transparent façade with fixed louvres on the outside that work together with the technical installations in the building in order to offer maximum comfort while consuming as little energy as possible. The technical installations use energy that is partly obtained via photovoltaic panels and heat/cold from a BEO field (Borehole Energy Storage).

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