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The New York and London Residence

In Antwerp, on the corner of the Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai and the newly constructed Londonstraat, CIP (Construction & Investment Partners) has established a new residential building: The New York & London Residence. The project consists of two blocks, suitable for 200 apartments and commercial spaces, providing an ideal combination of residential living and commercial life.

Bopro took care of the BREEAM assessment. The New York & London Residence achieved an “OUTSTANDING” score of 88.8% for the design phase. With electric charging points for bicycles and cars, wheelchair accessibility and thanks to sustainable transport alternatives nearby, the building scored excellently within the transport category. In addition, a great deal of effort was put into achieving the lowest energy consumption as possible. The residential building is heated and cooled in a sustainable way thanks to excellent insulation and the use of a BEO field in combination with a heat pump. With the choice of sustainable finishing materials, healthy indoor air in the building is taken into account. Other ecologically valuable elements such as an inner garden and a green roof provide rainwater buffering.

All these elements result in two impressive buildings where sustainability and life-long living are key.

NEW YORK RESIDENCE P2017587 CIP Antwerpen Zicht B Visual High Res 20170502
LONDON RESIDENCE P2017587 CIP Antwerpen Zicht I Visual High Res 20170502

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The New York Residence was designed by the British architectural firm Sergison Bates. The 80m long building has the appearance of a robust warehouse and goes hand in hand with the unique location by the water of the docks that reflects the maritime character. The London Residence, on the other hand, has a slightly more luxurious style due to the presence of a number of Baroque features. This building was designed by the Antwerp firm of architects Bovenbouw. BULK Architecten also collaborated on the design of both buildings.


Building in a sustainable and considerate manner is key to the development of CIP. Because the project is located in the Cadix district, this becomes immediately clear. The district is a lively, environmentally friendly and easily accessible residential environment that the City of Antwerp wants to develop as ecologically as possible.

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