Résidence Palace - Europa Building

The seat of the European Council, and Council of the European Union

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Résidence Palace - Europa Building

Résidence Palace (or Europa Building) is located on Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat in the European Quarter of Brussels. This complex houses both the European Council and the Council of the EU. Situated on the former site of the BLOC A (now renovated), it’s linked via two skyways to the Justus Lipsius Building.

The original building had to be demolished partly and a large glass-cubed atrium was constructed instead. During these demolition and construction works, Bopro was entrusted with the Safety and Health Coordination till the building was completed in December 2016. The works included asbestos removal in the existing infrastructure, demolition of part of the building, renovation and extension of the existing building.

The result is a beautiful complex worth to be the symbol of Europe. It contains 45,000 sqm of offices and 15,000 sqm infrastructure.

Résidence Palace Rd G 2
Résidence Palace Rd G 3

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Design competition

The transformation of the Résidence Palace began in 2005: the need to build in an eco-friendly way, and to house more offices grew stronger, and a competition was opened. The rules stated that the original Art Deco façades had to be retained. Philippe Samyn and Partners in collaboration with Studio Valle Progettazioni and Buro Happold came up with the winning design: a multi-storey “lantern-shaped” construction holding the main meeting rooms.

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