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Falconhoven is a top-quality apartment complex in Antwerp, developed by CIP.

BREEAM played a big role in the design of this building. The BREEAM 2013 New Construction referential was used by the design team as a guide for the project’s sustainable ambitions. Bopro took care of the BREEAM assessment. An ‘Outstanding’ score was set as target and achieved for design stage. Apart from an explicit choice for materials with low environmental impact and high robustness, efforts were made to reduce energy and water consumption: the building has a highly isolated envelope and reduces CO2 emissions by specifying a collective heating system. The building also stimulates awareness by monitoring and displaying the energy consumption in each apartment. Furthermore, future buyers are stimulated to choose for energy-efficient white goods and the building uses water-efficient sanitary appliances. Rainwater is buffered on the green roofs and in the internal gardens in order to mitigate the impact on the city’s sewers system. BREEAM goes further than these ecological aspects: also mobility, waste, wellbeing… are taken into account.

In conclusion, in many ways the ‘Falconhoven L-blok’ sets an example for the Belgian residential real estate market. The project has been awarded on the BREEAM Awards 2019.

CIP Falconhoven AMS 1247 CIP FLH DEF Beeld A
CIP Falconhoven AMS 1247 CIP FLH DEF Beeld E

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Close to the museum MAS en the Red Star Line Museum, it’s located in a nice neighborhood, with shopping, sports, leisure and cultural facilities. This project is part of ‘De Bonte Stad’, a large development in the City of Antwerp with the objective of fostering the residential quality, while keeping in mind the history and diversity of the neighbourhood.


The ‘Falconhoven L-blok’ project, with its 51 apartments aims for a unique living experience. CIP wants to offer buyers a valuable and sustainable investment for lifetime living. Thanks to the London architects Caruso St John Architects this will become a pleasant place to live within the city. The design team committed to health and comfort: the main focus is on daylight and optimal indoor air quality. A strong commitment to meet the most stringent acoustic standards cancels both the external noise and the noise between apartments. The ceiling height and the south and southwest facing terraces are also a factor for wellbeing.

Lifetime homes

The Lifetime Homes criteria are integrated to make the apartments easily adaptable for lifetime use at minimal cost. Future owners can live in accessible homes, no matter their age or fitness level, in homes made with eye for beauty and a personal touch. Falconhoven provides specialists for counselling and aftercare.

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