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Provinciehuis Antwerpen
Provincie Antwerpen

The Provinciehuis on Koningin Elisabethlei in Antwerp no longer met the standards for a modern office building. That is why the Province of Antwerp decided to rebuild the entire site and its immediate surroundings and to adapt it into a modern and ecological building surrounded by a public park.

The site will be included in a broader vision on the use of green space in the city: all existing trees will be retained and the green quality and soil permeability increased. The building itself is extremely compact, it is oriented north-south so as to limit the solar load and maximise the possibilities for natural ventilation. In order to meet the required E-level, the façade perforations are limited to 40%. The shape of the windows optimises daylight entry.

The workplaces are also optimally adaptable and redistributable thanks to the open plan and the raised floors. Group functions such as the restaurant and library are strategically embedded in the complex. The provincial government building is the home of the people of Antwerp - accessibility for everyone was an important objective. A building with high and lasting architectural value was the objective. An iconic building, which is sustainable simply by virtue of its architectural value.

In addition, there is a range of technical facilities that optimise the building's overall sustainability: local air treatment units, night cooling, concrete core activation, high-quality heat and cold recovery by means of heat pumps, geothermal energy for heating and cooling, green roof, etc.

Alongside project management, Bopro is responsible for the "BREEAM International Assessment" for this project. A BREEAM International "Excellent" certificate was obtained.

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Green space

The site is part of a broader vision of using green space in the city: all existing trees are preserved, the green quality and soil permeability are increased.

Compact design

The building itself is very compact, it is north-south oriented so that the solar load can be reduced and the potential for natural ventilation maximized. To meet the required E-level, façade perforations are limited to 40%, but daylight is still optimized by the shape of the windows, and of the same quality for each employee.


The workstations are also adaptable and flexible because of the open plan and raised floors. Group functions such as a restaurant and a library are strategically integrated into the complex.

Sustainable technical installation

There is a range of technical features that optimizes the overall sustainability of the building: local air handling units, night purge, thermal mass, high heat and cold recovery via heat pumps, geothermal heating and cooling, green roof …

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