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Construction of the new SNCB headquarters

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NMBS Fonsny

We assist SNCB in guiding the project from the client's position throughout all phases of the project, with a focus on structural expertise. We support and advise SNCB in the management of the consortium, the architects and the design offices (external partners).

We assist the SNCB in the following aspects:

1) Project management and support in interactions with the Consortium. This involves supporting the team in order to ensure that SNCB's interventions and decisions concerning the operational and technical aspects with the Consortium are in line with the contractual framework, and that SNCB keeps a rigorous control and follow-up with regard to the Consortium's responsibility in the realisation of the project.

2) Technical support. As the scope of the project is very broad, certain specialised skills are necessary for SNCB to be able to position itself on the Consortium's proposals. These skills, which are necessary for the project but not specific, are not present within the SNCB: heritage, fit-out, BREEAM, BIM, acoustics in the offices, etc.

3) Methodological support in the organisation and management of the project. This includes preparing and adapting the internal organisation in order to best meet the project's monitoring needs. This includes support for the implementation of the management of the very large amount of data generated by the project and advice on the methodology for the management of the numerous working groups and coordination committees, in relation to the organisation of the Consortium.

4) Support for financial estimates in the context of possible modifications to the programme of requirements. If changes are to be made to the project during its development, it is important to be able to quickly assess the financial impact and check the proposals made by the consortium to see whether or not they correspond to market practices.

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The contract concerns a large building located on a site with numerous constraints: structural interconnections between the buildings and the tracks, narrowness of the plots, the first international station that must remain in operation during the works, a busy avenue Fonsny where the tram runs. In addition, there are questions about the exact property boundaries between SNCB and Infrabel.


The contract is a DBM (Design, Build and Maintain). The consortium has an obligation of result to deliver a turnkey project that meets the requirements of the SNCB. The SNCB is delegating the entire project management. It's important having a say in the progress of the project but not interfering unnecessarily, so that the Consortium retains responsibility.

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