Elaboration of the Group's strategic CSR and carbon sobriety vision

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Elaboration of the Group's strategic CSR and carbon sobriety vision, via a materiality analysis of the issues (including stakeholders), group carbon assessment, operational deployment of projects and existing assets. Bopro also assisted the Frey Group in a low-carbon approach to the construction of a project under development with an ambitious objective linked to the E+C- label. As part of the Frey Group's carbon reduction strategy, Bopro has structured an innovative "responsible lease", aimed at encouraging the Frey Group's tenants to adopt a global carbon reduction approach (scope 1, 2 and 3).

Responsible financing "sustainability linked bond": Bopro assisted the Frey Group in the structuring of its "framework" aiming to include ESG performance criteria in its financing policy. In November 2021, this financing strategy resulted in the signature of two medium-term financing lines with ESG performance criteria (environmental, social and governance) for a total amount of € 150 million over 5 years.

Christophe Garot (Member of Comité du Mission and Director Bopro France): “Updating the climate strategy by adjusting the carbon footprint (in line with the " GHG Protocol ") is a step in the right direction. The adaptations aim bringing the strategy in line with the international standards. This confirms the long-term importance and reinforces the credibility of our promises.”

More info on: FREY_Rapport_de_Mission_2022.pdf

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