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Distribution center
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Our client constructed a large distribution center. The result is a futureproof building which allows to organize deliveries to supermarkets in the region.

The building can be qualified as futureproof as a number of technological and sustainable innovations have been integrated (see below).

Our role was advising the client in all aspects of the sustainability of this new logistics distribution center as BREEAM Accredited Professional. The ambition is to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating.

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The roof is covered with 7392 photovoltaic panels that produce 1763 MWh of electricity each year. Energy saving measures such as LED-lighting, energy efficient elevators and office equipment have been implemented.


With 10,000 sqm of cooling areas, the cooling installations offered an important opportunity to reduce the energy consumption of the processes in the building. A very energy efficient system has been installed, with highly insulated walls and airtight finishes aimed for heat recuperation from the installations. These measures result in a reduction of the energy consumption of 30%, compared to conventional industrial cooling installations. Furthermore, the refrigerants that were used in the process cooling systems contain no hydrofluorocarbons, which results in a very low “Global Warming Potential” for the installations.


The health of the building users was also taken into account. Thermal, acoustic and visual comfort studies guided design decisions for the offices. A healthy indoor air quality was obtained by the strict use of finishes with low or zero VOC-emissions.


Green areas around the building and on the roof of the offices are created with respect for the environment. They are effective on urban ecology and mitigate the ecological impact of the development. Here, indigenous flowers and plant species as well as different bird and insect hives support the fauna on site.

Residual flows

The waste treatment area of the building is designed to sort at least 13 waste fractions from the logistics center and the supermarkets and supports an optimal recycling process. The large roof area also collects rainwater used for sanitary and cleaning purposes.

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