AZ Jan Portaels

Hospital in large city area

AZ Jan Portaels

For the construction of the new hospital AZ Jan Portaels on the former CAT site of Renault Vilvoorde, Bopro created the basis for the development of the entire site.

Bopro has guided the selection of the design team via the procedure “Open Oproep”, in collaboration with the Vlaamse Bouwmeester. During the process, special attention was given to the Life Cycle Cost. In the competition phase, designers have been asked to think about this and give a detailed vision of the most important parameters. This information, processed by an LCCA model, was taken into account when judging the submissions. BREEAM was used as a referential for the sustainability of the designs.

Bopro consulted AZ Jan Portaels in the first study phase (until the submission of the VIPA file).

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