Study into the feasibility of a full or partial reallocation of the Saint Hubertus Church Berchem

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Kerkraad Sint-Hubertus
Stad Antwerpen

The Church Council of Sint-Hubertus Berchem appointed us as a team, together with Wessel de Jonge Architects, for the feasibility study of a complete or partial reallocation of the Sint-Hubertus Church. The assignment was a pilot study within the framework of the parish churches plan being drawn up by - and for - the city of Antwerp, as an overarching long-term vision of the future of the 69 Antwerp parish churches.

From this point of view, the aim of the study was twofold. Both the methodology followed and the final result were important. The methodology served as a learning process for a general plan of approach for the other parish churches within the parish church plan. The final result served as a guideline for a possible further development of Sint-Hubertus Church itself.

In terms of methodology, a thorough analysis of the context (functional, building-technical, cultural-historical, urban planning, socio-demographic, financial-economic and fiscal-legal) was supplemented by design research into the possibilities and limitations of the building itself. An investigation into and testing of various reallocation scenarios provided insight into the opportunities and preferred routes for the church, the neighbourhood and its residents. Finally, a realistic reconversion proposal was put forward, socially and economically tested and found to be feasible, with the necessary respect for the nature and original function of the church building.

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Miet Vanderbeke, co-partner of Wessel de Jonge Architects, was responsible for the design research and the elaboration of the design scenarios. We were the first point of contact and coordinated the feasibility study, organised the participation process and provided insight into the investment and estimation costs.


In the course of the feasibility study, an exceptionally promising redevelopment of the Sint Hubertus church was recently found (2021). The Flemish Government Architect's Team has in fact issued a complete study assignment for the phased reallocation and furnishing of St Hubert's Church into a new Flemish Architecture Institute (VAI). The feasibility study drawn up by our team forms an integral part of the project definition and specifications for this reallocation assignment.

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