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The building, located on Poincaré Boulevard in Saint-Gilles, has been the home of the non-profit organisation New Samusocial since 2016. Originally dating from the 30s, this office building was subjected to a thorough renovation. The client wanted to renovate the building to create an “open space” concept on each of the upper floors of the building.

Bopro, in close cooperation with the study agencies, guided the client through this renovation project, with the main objective of improving the condition and organisation of the building to facilitate the work of the non-profit organisation in its mission to care for the target group.

Some of the client’s additional requirements were the optimisation of the building’s energy performance to the applicable legal standards, a total reorganisation of the various office spaces, the creation of an optimal comfortable feeling for both the guests and the employees, and the provision of the necessary relaxation areas limiting the potential impact of guests on the life of the neighbourhood.

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The green flat roofs provide an excellent buffer for rainwater recovery. Furthermore, a number of additional efforts were made to maximise energy efficiency, such as the choice of LED lighting, as well as the installation of thermal insulation in the building, preventing heat loss in winter and keeping the heat out in summer.

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