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In November 2018, D’Ieteren Immo launched, in collaboration with Canal and bMa, an architecture competition for the realisation of the Mobilis project. From the more than forty candidate teams, the design by the architectural firm Xaveer De Geyter Architects (XDGA) was chosen by a jury.

Mobilis can be regarded as a multifunctional, innovative, flexible and sustainable project. The building permit is expected at the end of 2020, the start of the works is planned from March 2021 and completion is expected in late 2023.

In addition to the project management, quantity survey and safety coordination for this project, Bopro will also take on the BREEAM assessment. The level of ambition set for the project is the highest achievable level, i.e. ‘OUTSTANDING’. The concept, techniques, choice of materials and method of implementation are geared to achieving this extremely sustainable ambition.

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Canal Plan

Mobilis is part of the Canal Plan, a strategic project of the Brussels government that focuses on urbanisation, job creation and new residences with a focus on quality open spaces. The Mobilis project forms a connector between the city, its inhabitants and the economy by giving shape to mobility with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

S-M-L-XL design

The project is conceived via a so-called S-M-L-XL design. This means that the concept of the building is designed in different layers, depending on their lifespan, with great flexibility and demountability.

Primary structure

The primary structure is provided as an open grid in concrete with a grid size of 16.2 x 16.2 metres and a height of 7 metres. The concrete floor slabs are calculated with a high load-bearing capacity for different types of industrial and productive programmes and for a service life of 100 years. This provides a large organisational flexibility of the building, allowing major programme changes over time.

Facade and techniques

The design of the facade includes a secondary demountable structure with a service life of 50 years. The facade is designed to provide various types of use of the building with the necessary comfort. The techniques will be integrated with the architecture, both designed for future adaptability.

Interior and materials

The inside of the building will be provided with materials and systems that are highly demountable, as this will be the most frequently adapted and replaced. The highest possible reuse of the existing materials on the site is key.


Mobilis has received his first Design Stage Certificate with an outstanding rate of 92,4%!
Unique in its kind, Mobilis has become the first flexible, multifunctional and industrial building with a BREEAM OUTSTANDING rating.

Architectural model - Mobilis
Mobilis axo facade Boulevard Industriel

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