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In Antwerp, BlueApp is being constructed on behalf of Blue Gate Antwerp Building. The building is a pre-incubator for the University of Antwerp to accelerate the valorization of the UA’s knowledge and enables the growth of business and technology ideas in sustainable chemistry. BlueApp opened its doors on the eco-efficient business park Blue Gate Antwerp, the ideal location to develop the ecosystem around sustainable chemistry.

Sustainability expert Bopro took care of not only the guidance of the sustainability aspect, but also the Project Management and safety coordination of the project. The BlueApp building was already certified with an Excellent certificate during the design stage. During this project, Bopro was responsible for assignments ranging from determining the programme to providing scope for innovation and research. In this way, we contributed to the construction of a high-quality building that is flexible for the future.

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The pre-incubator for potential entrepreneurs and innovators from knowledge institutes, large and smaller industries connects the academic world with the industry. This way, BlueApp will, among other things, collaborate intensively with the start-ups of BlueChem.


LOW Architecten is responsible for the design of the project. Stadsbader has been appointed as general contractor and EEG as technical contractor. Also design office for techniques Ingenium and design office for stability ELD are partners in this project.

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