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DHL Express Cityhub

DHL Express, a 4.260 m² logistics radar work with 3 logistics ‘fingers’ for distribution to and from delivery trucks (max. 90), is located centrally on the site. In the Benelux, DHL is on its trial run with this three ‘finger’ logistics building.

A finger is a long rectangle, with a width of 4m, which is built against the warehouse. One such finger can accommodate 30 delivery trucks (15 along each side).

The building’s sustainability ambitions were secured using the BREEAM standards. The ambitions were included in the concept, construction and usage phases, resulting in a BREEAM Excellent score. The building was constructed with extra free height to accommodate future changes in function. During the construction phase, the precast structure was supplied by water to eliminate additional road transport during construction.

The entire roof surface was covered with photovoltaic panels. The electrical residual power is used to charge the electric vehicles.


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