Mission de la Suisse auprès de l’Union européenne

Transformation and extension of offices

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Mission de la Suisse auprès de l’Union européenne

The project consists of the transformation and extension of the offices of Mission de la Suisse auprès de l’Union européenne, housed in a 19th century mansion; technical compliance and fire protection.

- Phase 1: renovation of the offices and creation of a media room for 90 people, with sanitary facilities and a kitchenette, in an existing annexe at the rear of the property. This phase was completed in early 2017.

- Phase 2: renovation of the interior of a building dating back to the early 20th century, adding a rooftop extension for additional offices and a second emergency staircase. During the renovation, the woodwork of the cornice and the tiled facade were cleaned and improved. This phase was completed at the end of 2017.

- Phase 3: In accordance with the standards, fire and site security was respected on the site: a safety lock was provided, the emergency evacuations were respected, fire detection, stairwells, etc. The building was handed over in 2019.

Our task was to assist the contracting authority: site follow-up, quality control, site management and financial and budget monitoring.

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The works were carried out during the continued use of the building, also the historical aspect of the building provided additional constraints and challenges.

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