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Bopro Sustainable Investments 'BSI' launches development vehicle with family office The Nest

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Bopro Sustainable Investments NV (BSI) enters into a joint venture with the family office The Nest. The establishment of Bopro Sustainable Developments 21 NV 'BSD21' marks the start of the further development of the progressive sustainable real estate development projects Blue Gate Antwerp, De Schakel and De Stip located in Antwerp, Denderleeuw and Ghent respectively.

In the autumn of 2020, BSI together with Deloitte Belgium Real Estate started a strategic exercise to find the most optimal financing structure for the further roll-out of BSI's development projects. This recently led to the creation of BSD21, a closed-end development vehicle with an estimated maturity of 7 years. BSI attracted external capital from the family investment vehicle, The Nest, where it will further develop its current projects in Belgium. As a financial, non-operational partner, The Nest takes a participation of approximately 30%.

Peter Garré – Managing Director Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI nv):

"Today, we are building the future for the next generations. BSI experiences the current social context as a momentum on which we can become more sustainable at a fast pace, if we want to fulfil the ambitions set out in the climate agreements and Green Deals by 2050 for our future generations. It makes us rethink how we can develop space and spatial developments in a future-proof manner in new partnerships against the background of ongoing social transitions. It calls for recalibrating area developments as drivers of a circular building economy and upgrading our quality of life so that we can give back more than we receive and use. It means continuously innovating our processes by digitising smartly and continuing to use the best available techniques. At The Nest, we found like-minded partners. Thanks to their participation, we have the financial strength to further implement our sustainable objectives on current developments."

Laurent Vannest – Managing Director The Nest:

"We invest with The Nest in sustainable projects, both in real estate and in companies, which pursue a long-term optic. We found in Peter the perfect entrepreneur, driven by innovation and pragmatism, who thinks holistically about the future of our buildings and the way we interact with them."

Blue Gate Antwerp

What used to be the heart of Antwerp's petroleum industry is now emerging as a 65-hectare inspiring breeding ground for innovative entrepreneurs. Blue Gate Antwerp offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and biodiversity and makes room for research and knowledge institutions and circular entrepreneurs from cleantech, bio-based chemistry, water, sustainable chemistry and materials, IoT but also diamonds, fashion, construction and the related waterbound urban logistics.

Blue Gate Antwerp is a public-private partnership in which we find AG Vespa, PMV, De Vlaamse Waterweg , the public partners, and BSI together with DEME as private partners.

This first circular, climate neutral and waterbound business park in Belgium creates and facilitates circular synergies on-site and off-site. We proactively identify sustainable and innovative companies with regional and international ambitions and guarantee, partly through park management, the quality and sustainable ambitions of the new eco-system at Blue Gate Antwerp. A BREEAM Excellent certificate is proposed for the realisation of the remediation, embankment and infrastructure, as well as for the buildings of the developers. The operations of the developer BGAD (Blue Gate Antwerp Development nv) are reported in a CSR report in accordance with the GRI standards as an example and framework for the developers.

De Schakel

In the centre of Denderleeuw, BSI is realising a project that aims to implement the new spatial implementation plan ("RUP Centrum"): the village will become a liveable and attractive centre for everyone. By bringing public and private needs together, the borough of Denderleeuw wants to create a renewed centre with a clear added value and a shared biodiversity, water, energy and mobility strategy.

The public space around the church and the administrative centre will be redesigned and an underground car park for bicycles and cars will be built. Next to the town hall, a new residential area of about 50 flats on a commercial pedestal will be built. The three timeless buildings will be embedded in the greenery and will excel in functionality and energy efficiency. This will also be reflected in a BREEAM Excellent certificate for this residential development.

De Stip

On the site of the former Gantoise sports club, BSI is building a pioneering eco-friendly residential area for 150 families. This is an energy-efficient neighbourhood that will provide for its own energy needs. Together with the planned water-saving innovations, the project endorses the 2030, 2050 and UN Global Goals. The BREEAM certificate with a minimum ambition of excellent will not be missing here either.

De Stip will be an ecologically sustainable place for young and old. The residential area will provide a mix of flats and houses with ground-level access, along with a number of neighbourhood support functions. The various residential forms are surrounded by a green child-friendly car-free area. Because of its location near the green lung of Ghent: the Gentbrugse Meersen, De Stip crowns itself as the ideal operating base.

Bopro Sustainable Investments (BSI nv)

BSI is the holding company above the better-known sustainability consultant and project manager Bopro NV which, since 2016, also has its own development projects in its portfolio. With their hybrid business model, BSI is active on 6 fronts: on the one hand Bopro, advisers in forward thinking with asset management, project management, process management, sustainability advice and transition management and on the other hand Bopro, forward thinking developers with the developments. Meanwhile, they have a network of 4 offices in Ghent, Mechelen, Brussels and Paris, where they employ a total of over 75 forward thinkers.

Journalists are welcome to contact:
Katrien De Coster
Communication and Press Officer BSI nv
M: 0032 475 68 35 48

The Nest

The Nest is the family office of Els Thermote and her husband Laurent Vannest. Besides investments in sustainable real estate developments, the family office also participates in funds and companies that innovate the food and agricultural sector, specifically with respect to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. As an impact investor, The Nest is not only interested in financial returns, but sustainability, with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as framework, is an equally important return criterion.

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