Towards a society free from poverty.

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ArmenTekort connects underprivileged and privileged people in the city. They go out together and become friends, buddies. This one-click relationship creates new opportunities.

By means of a ten-year demonstration project in Antwerp, ArmenTeKort wants to show that poverty can be effectively combated on a large scale and - ultimately - overcome.

Opportunity poverty differs from poverty in two aspects:
Disadvantaged people are not able to break out of the poverty trap on their own, which means that, in the absence of external help or in the event of failure, this problem is, by definition, passed on from one generation to the next.
This negative dynamic fundamentally affects human self-esteem.
As a result, people in poverty cannot escape from poverty on their own.

ArmenTeKort does this by connecting and sharing the knowledge and skills of professional aid through innovative training with 'promising volunteers' - people with a strong commitment and a clear view on their resilience.

Once the volunteers have progressed far enough in the training trajectory, they are paired with a person experiencing poverty for a two-year buddy project.

This arranged friendship takes place in a framework of equality and is aimed at self-esteem and social network strengthening.


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