Sports hall De Klodde

Youth and sport related infrastructure

Sports hall De Klodde
AGB Zele

Zele is a municipality in East-Flanders, around 20 km east of Ghent. It’s a small municipality, but really human-centered and future-oriented. A new infrastructure has been constructed, a youth and sportscentre, with the aim to bring people together, to have fun together and to build a solid community.

The footprint of the infrastructure is around 5000 m2. It’s a functional building, that fits in its surroundings. The materials used are not luxurious, impressive or expensive but sustainable. Special attention was paid to acoustics, ventilation and heating. Specific criteria apply to a sportscentre: what temperature is ideal to play badminton? Does it affect the player’s strength and precision of the shots? What are the ideal circumstances for competitions?

We did not only gather the program requirements for the users of the building, we also thought of the neighbours: how can we limit noise pollution? As a matter of fact, an extensive stakeholder analysis was held and the requirements were listed.

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