Office building in large city area


Bopro guides the client in the development of the performance and circularity objectives and manages the process of choosing materials, technical systems and circular solutions. The client wants to retrieve a maximum of materials from the existing building and therefore opts for a complete renovation. The structure and facades are preserved as much as possible.

The architecture of the existing building is a very valuable heritage, that must be protected. This require-ment has an important influence on the functional (uses) and technical program of the building. Also in terms of sustainability, there is no total freedom to achieve the objectives in this building as envisaged in the new constructions. Circular principles are not limited to the reuse of materials, but other applications are also sought, such as: mixed uses that can lead to synergy, limitation of energy and water consumption, applications as a service, intelligent principles to improve the well-being of the user and optimize consumption.

Bopro is also responsible for the integration of Befimmo’s CSR strategy and the application of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the project. The project aims to obtain a BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit Out “Excellent”. All aspects of BREEAM are monitored by Bopro.

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