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Lake Side

Nextensa is developing the last part of the Tour & Taxis city quarter with Lake Side. Across the renovated Gare Maritime and the park, a residential neighbourhood of 140,000 sqm will be constructed, consisting of an office pavilion and a U-shaped mixed-use high-rise, which will provide an answer to urban, social, environmental and mobility issues.

The focus of the project is future-proof construction and the creation of a high-quality, social residential area. This raises a number of interesting challenges. High-density buildings must be considered in a qualitative and sustainable way. By integrating these high-rise buildings, the green space already present, including an existing park and ponds, is preserved and there’s almost even space for a lot of new green area.

Bopro is entrusted with the role of Project Manager Design. Together with the architects and engineering offices, as representative of the client, Bopro prepares the project according to a Programme of Requirements and within budget for the construction permit. During this preparation process Bopro also assumes the role of safety coordinator.

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Carbon footprint

By heating and cooling with a geothermal system, fossil fuels will no longer be used. Besides significantly reducing (energy) consumption, the focus is also on high-quality building materials with renewable or recycled components, preferably originating from the region.

Soft mobility

Specific attention is given to the cycling aspect. As (almost) all 1800 bicycle parking spaces are provided above ground at the entrance of the buildings, it is possible to get quick entrance to the residential houses. There is also a covered parking area provided for cargo bikes and bicycle carts.


By designing the green roofs and the roof above the parking as retention roofs, it is possible to retain the rainwater more and also longer to feed the green areas even in drier periods and provide a delayed disposal. The existing ponds will then attract crops, insects and birds.

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