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Crematorium Lommel

End 2016, the construction process of the new Crematorium of Lommel started. This would be an impressive and remarkable construction, ready to open its doors at the end of April 2018. It’s a high-quality farewell center, integrated into the natural environment, reflecting its beauty and serenity. Bopro helped Pontes in appointing a Design & Buildpartner and with the choice of the furnace and filter equipment.

Pontes, the intercommunal partnership who made this construction possible is the building promoter. It’s a reliable partner in the funeral industry. They launched a call and selected the consortium Vanhout (general contractor) and a2o (architect). Bopro was responsible for Project Management and safety coordination. In the first phase, we mapped the requirements and identified the needs. Program Requirements is essential to the success of a project, so we give particular attention to the precision with which we document these criteria. We monitored the license applications and supported during the selection of the Design & build consortium. We controlled the budget, the quality and timing of the project during the construction phase.

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The need to have a new crematorium was obvious: in the past people had to go to other cities, like Turnhout, Hasselt or even the Netherlands, they had to wait till there was a time lock available. Now they can say farewell in their own region, with the people they love and the funeral and the cremation take place at the same time.


The crematorium was designed by a2o architect Luc Vanmuysen, who explicitly put the accent on nature and peace. He suggested to integrate the center in the natural environment and to give an important role to nature. The design highlights, the strength of nature and the transparency of the building stresses its serenity. The beauty of the surrounding landscape welcomes the visitor in another world.

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