Centre hospitalier chrétien - Montlégia

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Centre hospitalier chrétien - Montlégia

The Montlégia hospital is the future accommodation for the three hospitals of the Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC) in the Liège region.

The hospital forms part of a larger whole, where’s space for economic activity, a residential and care centre, apartments and an eco-district. It will be sided by a building accommodating the group’s central services.

In 2012, Bopro and Atosborne were selected for the project management in the execution phase. Bopro laid the foundation for the implementation planning and is responsible for the financial follow-up of the project, which is divided into 34 different lots.


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In 2008, the former Patience et Beaujonc mining site were chosen as the location for this project. This terrain is easily accessible by public transport and by car thanks to among others direct access to the E25 motorway. The new hospital is located approximately 100 meters above the Meuse and therefore provides a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. The building site is centrally located between the hospitals which will be accommodated there and just on the spot where the health facilities of the previous mining activity were installed.


The total floor area is approximately 100,000 m² with a footprint of 35,000 m²; The building consists of a ground floor plus five upper floors. The building is L-shaped and in the corner there’s a medico-technical block, housing the operating theatre, the laboratories and the examination rooms.


There will be 2,800 employees working for 720 hospital beds and 120 places in the day hospital. The new hospital will be responsible for 250,000 consultations, 30,000 operations, 4,000 deliveries and 74,000 emergency admissions on an annual basis.

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