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Founded in 1984, Bopro is an international company with almost 40 years' experience specialising in property project management consultancy. It has 3 core activities: the development of sustainable sites, project management and improving the performance of property portfolios throughout Europe.

"Our mission is to make the world a better place by improving the quality and sustainability of buildings," says Natasha Van Rutten, Operations Director. "Bopro's strength lies in its ability to work on a number of levels: operational, with BREEAM certifications, for example, giving a building's sustainability status; tactical, with concrete decarbonisation plans; and strategic, with a long-term vision accompanied by indicators, planning and the budgetary evaluation needed to improve a portfolio of buildings".

Real estate at the heart of an ecosystem

What sets Bopro apart is its holistic approach to property design, which goes far beyond 'walls and bricks': it's about ecosystems that fit into a global environment, taking into account energy performance and many other aspects.

"For example, we look at the accessibility of the building via public transport, water conservation, waste management, and the use of recycled materials or natural materials during construction. The building strengthens the social, economic and ecological network". With its approach inspired by the E²SG objectives (economic, ecological, social and governmental) initiated by its Managing Director Stefaan Martel, Bopro will therefore be looking for cost-effective solutions for its customers, demonstrating that sustainability and economy are not incompatible.

Forward Thinkers

Another factor to be taken into account when considering the sustainability of buildings is climate risk, "an increasingly important factor with the rise in heat waves, flooding, etc.", which means that we need to think about the future in the light of these environmental challenges.

With this in mind, Bopro is advising towns and cities to help them think about the energy transition. The company, which has offices in Brussels and Paris, is expanding its business by setting up in Warsaw and Madrid in 2024, with the aim of developing in every country in Europe. Thinking ahead to improve the performance of buildings is Bopro's DNA.

Interview video with Stefaan and Natasha

Watch the video with the full interview on the Forbes France website at this link:

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