Ring Shopping Kortrijk North

Retail centre in a large city area

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Ring Shopping Kortrijk North
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The Ring Shopping Kortrijk North shopping centre, dating from the 70s, urgently needed a thorough renovation. The high-quality façades were raised and radiate more recognisability and uniformity. Special attention was given to the canopies, embedded with PV panels that provide energy for the exterior lighting by night. Both functionally (weather protection) and aesthetically (semi-transparent roof that filters the sunlight), this canopy concept adds absolute value to the shopping centre.

In terms of wayfinding and circulation, the car park was thoroughly restructured. In this way, the various circulation flows (foot passengers, cyclists, cars, etc.) were separated from each other. This created extra space which opened up the possibility of installing recreation areas, green spaces and leisure facilities (construction of a new urban main square).

Bopro acted as a projectmanager, that’s how they kept control over timing, budget and quality during this entire renovation project.

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