Office building in large city area

Axa REIM Belgium

Situated in a prime location of Brussels’ center, the existing AXA office building is partially demolished, restructured and rebuilt to match today’s way of working. The client wanted to respond to current and future working methods: co-working, with flexible divisions that give priority to the human aspect.

The visually permeable base offers a connection with the outside space. The architecture has been designed to meet the demands of users in terms of the versatility of spaces. They allow a variety of different scenarios, suiting for today and tomorrow’s needs. Particular attention is paid to the comfort of the building’s occupants and its sustainability.

This new building allows to discover a new way of living in the office where interactions and exchanges are encouraged and where flexibility of needs is foreseen.

Bopro was assigned a QS mission as part of this demolition and reconstruction project.

AXA Vue 2
AXA Vue 3

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