Office building in large city area

Fubon Ellipse Belgium

Located in the Brussels North Quarter, the Ellipse project consists of three buildings connected by a central, elliptical entrance hall. The buildings becomes unoccupied, and this momentum will be used to renovate the entire complex to make it future-proof. The focus will be on quality, sustainability and technology.

The most important objectives for this project can be divided into a number of main aspects, being the significant improvement of the operational efficiency by replacing the technical installations, upgrading the layout of the office levels in order to improve the comfort and flexibility for future tenants, optimizing the layout of the plinth in order to promote the natural flow of people, activating the plinth as the beating heart of the building and reducing the ecological footprint of the building with obvious attention for sustainability.

Bopro worked together with the design team on a global vision for the project. This was translated into 2 different scenarios. The 2 scenarios were each provided with an architectural and technical preliminary design, ESG analyses (BREEAM, CRREM, EU taxonomy), financial feasibility studies and master planning.

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