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In 2018, Bopro is setting up in Paris.

"The decision to set up in France is a logical extension of Bopro's development strategy and its services for its customers. I am delighted that Christophe Garot is joining Bopro, as his operational experience and expertise in corporate social responsibility and 'responsible' finance dedicated to real estate products will enable us to accelerate our development and support our clients on a more responsible path", Peter Garré, Founder of Bopro - 2018.

Since then, the Bopro Paris team has grown and now supports a number of market players at both strategic and operational levels (6 Sens immobilier, Batipart, Altarea, Apsys, AEW, CW, Frey, Redman, URW, etc.).

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Christophe Garot

Christophe Garot

Director France



44-46 rue de la Bienfaisance
FR-75008 Paris

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Our offices are located in Ghent, Brussels and Paris.

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