New city supportive multi-company hub at Blue Gate Antwerp

Partnership of Bopro, The Nest & PMV

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Bopro, The Nest and Flemish investment company PMV have set up a partnership for the construction of an 80,000 m² stacked city supportive multi-company hub on the Blue Gate Antwerp business park, which is now ready for construction by new circular and innovative companies. The project, a €100 million investment, will give new innovative companies space to do business and research, as well as encourage connections between those companies so new initiatives emerge.

The newly established company BGA Terminal North will erect a business building that will provide space on a rental basis for logistics companies or knowledge-intensive production companies, but will also have space for research & development as well as give the various companies the opportunity to connect with each other. "The building must feed the ecosystem of Blue Gate Antwerp: it must facilitate entrepreneurs to share their knowledge & technology in order to gain new insights," says Erwin Vrijens, head of real estate at PMV. The building will therefore provide communal spaces where researchers, entrepreneurs and visitors can meet, (net)work and achieve collaboration, but also relax....

Unburdening rental plan

Scale-ups from incubators such as BlueChem and BlueApp will have the opportunity through the building to rent space so they can grow further on the site without losing focus on their activity. "By getting into the BGA Terminal North's unburdened rental plan, incubators do not have to invest in their own infrastructure. As these companies continue to grow, they can then choose to own their own building and make room in Terminal North for the next scale-up which in turn can go through the same process," says Peter Garré, director BSI nv. Based on a survey, Bopro, The Nest and PMV have studied the demand in the market and have already spoken to around 30 interested parties. Together with real estate agents yet to be appointed, business clusters -active in the same niche such as water (technology), agro-technology, chemistry...- will mainly be attracted.

Stable & flexible structure

Terminal North will have two floors. Such a 'stacked' industrial building is relatively rare in our country. "It requires a robust structure anticipated for all types of infill: production, logistics, research.... What we saved in surface area, we invested in stability," says Vrijens, emphasising the building's flexibility. "The building will be a paragon of sustainability. We focus on CO2 neutrality and circularity. By opting for a stacked flexible structure, we not only use our remaining ground economically but also optimise adaptability. In this way, we are already facilitating future generations of companies that will be housed here. With the building, we aspire to a BREEAM 'Outstanding' qualification," says Peter Garré. Following the incorporation of the company, the environmental permit is now being worked on. In parallel, tender processes are being set up for the various lots. Bopro, The Nest and PMV hope to start construction by the end of the year.

Community of circular companies

"With the development of a close-knit community of circular companies, we are closing the circle on the sustainable Blue Gate Antwerp site. We welcome the fact that together with PMV we can set the course and realise our sustainable vision," says Garré. Vrijens is also pleased with the partnership: "So that knowledge-intensive companies can fertilise each other - which should lead to spin-offs, start-ups and new tech developments - there is a need for adapted infrastructure. Terminal North is the appropriate answer to that need."

Blue Gate Antwerp

What used to be the heart of Antwerp's petroleum industry is today emerging as a 65ha inspiring breeding ground for innovative entrepreneurs. Blue Gate Antwerp (BGA) is a public-private partnership with AG Vespa, PMV and De Vlaamse Waterweg as public partners on one hand, and Bopro together with DEME as private partners on the other. It is Belgium's first circular, climate-neutral and water-bound business park for research and knowledge institutions and circular entrepreneurs from various sectors: cleantech, bio-based chemistry, water(technology), sustainable chemistry and materials, IoT, diamond, fashion, construction, water-bound urban logistics... The park management ensures the quality and sustainable ambitions of the new eco-system on BGA. Both for the realisation of the remediation, elevation and infrastructure as well as for the buildings of the settlers, a BREEAM 'Excellent' certificate is envisaged. The business operations of the developer BGAD (Blue Gate Antwerp Development nv) are reported in a CSR report in accordance with the GRI standards, as an example and framework for the sites.

Bopro Sustainable Developments 21 – BSD21 NV

Bopro Sustainable Investments NV (BSI) entered into a joint venture with family office The Nest in 2021. This led to the creation of Bopro Sustainable Developments 21 NV 'BSD21', a closed-end development vehicle with an estimated term of seven years. For both parties, it marked the start of further development of the progressive sustainable real estate development projects Blue Gate Antwerp, De Schakel and De Stip located in Antwerp, Denderleeuw and Ghent respectively.

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As an investment company, PMV is building a sustainable Flemish economy, the engine of our prosperity and well-being. We are the partner of ambitious companies and projects, focusing on social impact and financial return. PMV finances promising companies from the very start, through to growth and internationalisation. PMV offers tailor-made financial solutions to all entrepreneurs with a good business plan and a strong management team. This is done with capital, loans and guarantees. It also realises, with and for the government, and other partners, projects that are important for prosperity and well-being in Flanders. PMV has a portfolio with 1.7 billion euros in management.

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