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To future proof your building.

There are the well-known measures such as a reduced consumption of energy and water and using materials with a low environmental footprint. But sustainable site development also involves health and comfort for the building users, accessibility and availability of alternative transport modes, reduction of pollution factors, resistance to climate change effects, a well planned management of the construction process and facility management, low construction site effects, waste management,…

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Sustainability advice

Inspired by an approved methodology, our Forward thinkers guide the client to build as futureproof and sustainable as possible. Preferably, we start off even before conclusion of the design phase.

At the earliest stages, the ambitions, goals and expectations of all involved parties are mapped. This results in an integrated design, created for and carried by the stakeholders.

Our methodology enables the verification and testing of a wide range of aspects, through the lifecycle of the building: from the design, to the in-use phase, until the renovation.

We also help you find the best partners to realise your ambitions and guide you through all stages of the project (such as strategic brief, technical design, tendering, construction and handover phase).

BREEAM certification

In order to optimally support and guide your planners, developers and investors during the design and planning phase, we suggest you carry out a BREEAM Communities assessment. With this international BREEAM assessment tool the Bopro experts analyse your project in ecological, social and economic terms and calculates the sustainability factor in a flexible manner.

In the early stages of development, BREEAM communities is an ideal framework to identify environmental, economic and social risks and to provide solutions to manage and reduce these risks.

It is both a tool to increase the sustainability of your development and a collaborative platform to create a supportive environment. This framework helps to make decisions during the process to achieve a more sustainable end result.

Bopro operates as assessor but also as accredited professional (advisor) to ensure your sustainability ambitions.

Want to know more about BREEAM? Download our whitepaper below.

Whitepaper: To BREEAM or not to BREEAM

Want to know more about the WELL Building Standard? Download our whitepaper below.


Sustainable Strategy by our Forward Thinkers

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