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There are well-known measures such as a reduced consumption of energy and water and using materials with a low environmental footprint.

But sustainable construction also involves health and comfort for the building users, accessibility and availability of alternative transport modes, reduction of pollution factors, resistance to climate change effects, a well planned management of the construction process and facility management, low construction site effects, waste management, carbon reduction…

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Sustainability Advice

Our build environment is responsible for 1/3 of all carbon emissions. Most of the buildings are there to stay and their performances will have to improve considerably in order to comply with the EU Green Deal and with the Paris Agreement.

A lot of work to do.

Bopro guides you through this process, starting with the measurement of the sustainable performances. Our approach is holistic and pro-active. We look into the ecological aspects but also the social and economic aspects of a portfolio. After measuring the actual situation we will benchmark your assets and propose feasible improvements in line with its commercial value.

We go for easy and efficient solutions that lead to a serious reduction of your carbon emissions in line with the EU objectives and by doing so avoiding the climate change risks.

BREEAM In-Use Certification

Before taking measures to make your portfolio more sustainable, it is important to know what the state of affairs is: how sustainable are your buildings today? What are their strengths and where can it be improved?

Bopro proposes to apply the BREEAM In-Use methodology, an international assessment tool of BREEAM that allows owners and building managers, but also tenants, to reduce the running costs and improve the environmental performance level of existing buildings.

During the assessments we gather information and use the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) to define if the asset is in line with the Paris agreement and to show compliance with the EU Taxonomy.

Bopro operates as assessor but also as accredited professional (advisor) to ensure your sustainability ambitions.

Want to know more about BREEAM? Download our whitepaper below.

Whitepaper: To BREEAM or not to BREEAM

Want to know more about the WELL Building Standard? Download our whitepaper below.


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